How Much It Cost To Repair A Laptop Screen?

If you’re wondering ​about repairing ​a laptop screen, ​this article ​will provide detailed ​information on approximate expenses ​and repair ​tips. It’s crucial ​to know ​the repair cost ​of your ​current laptop, even ​if it’s ​still functioning seamlessly, ​especially if ​you plan on ​purchasing a ​new one. So, read on how much it cost to repair a laptop screen.

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  • How ​To Know ​Your Laptop Screen ​Damage or ​Not?
  • ​Laptop Screen Replacement: ​Average Cost ​and Brandwise Pricing
  • ​Used Laptop Screen ​Prices and ​Other Products for ​2023:
  • Summary of ​Laptop Screen ​Repair Costs:
  • ​Different Types ​of Laptop Screen ​Replacement Costs ​in 2023:
  • It’s ​Worth the ​Cost:
  • ​How To ​Prevent Laptop Screen ​Damage?
  • Tech fusion Fix ​Can Fix ​Your Laptop
  • FAQs

How ​To Know ​Your Laptop Screen ​Damage or ​Not?

If you ​suspect your ​laptop screen may ​be damaged, ​there are several ​signs to ​look out for. ​These indications ​can help you ​determine whether ​or not your ​screen needs ​repair:

Distorted or ​Lines on ​the Screen: If ​you notice ​any lines or ​distorted images ​on your screen, ​it indicates ​a malfunction.

Black ​Spots: The ​presence of black ​spots on ​your screen typically ​signifies physical ​damage or a ​crack.

No ​Display: If there ​is no ​display, it could ​be due ​to a loose ​connection between ​the laptop screen ​cable and ​the motherboard.

By ​looking for ​these indicators, you ​can quickly ​assess if your ​laptop screen ​is damaged and ​take appropriate ​action.

Factors Affecting ​Laptop Screen ​Repair Costs

The cost to repair a laptop screen ​depends on several ​factors: 

  1. Warranty ​Coverage: If the ​laptop is ​still under warranty, ​the manufacturer ​may cover the ​repair cost.
  2. ​Nature of Damage: ​The extent ​and type of ​damage to ​the laptop screen ​will influence ​the repair cost. ​Cracks, display ​glitches, or complete ​screen failure ​can vary in ​complexity and ​cost.
  3. Laptop Manufacturer: ​Different laptop ​brands may have ​varying repair ​costs. The availability ​of replacement ​parts and labor ​charges factors ​can differ between ​manufacturers.
  4. Feasibility ​of DIY Repair: ​Some minor ​screen issues can ​be fixed ​by users at ​home, potentially ​reducing the cost. ​However, it ​is crucial to ​consider the ​complexity of the ​repair and ​whether it should ​be handled ​by professionals to ​avoid further ​damage.

Considering these ​factors will ​help accurately determine ​the cost ​of repairing a ​laptop screen.

​Now The Turn ​To Know ​BrandWise Repairing Cost: ​Let’s Know

​Laptop Screen Replacement: ​Average Cost ​and Brandwise Pricing

​How much does it cost to repair a laptop screen? Brand-wise ​pricing?

Below, you’ll ​find the ​estimated costs of ​repairing screens ​for several laptop ​brands:

HP ​Laptop Screen Repair ​Cost:

HP ​laptop screens are ​relatively affordable ​and easy to ​find. Screen ​prices start from ​$40 to ​$50 for available ​models, while ​high-end models can ​go up ​to $200.

Lenovo ​Laptop Screen ​Repair Cost:

Most ​Lenovo laptops ​come with LCDs. ​Most LCDs ​range from $55, ​with newer ​models potentially costing ​up to ​$350.

Asus Laptop ​Screen Repair ​Cost:

Asus laptops ​commonly feature ​LCDs, and their ​price range ​is usually between ​$50 and ​$60. However, high-end ​sports models ​with LED displays ​can reach ​prices of up ​to $200.

​Dell Laptop Screen ​Repair Cost:

​A variety of ​Dell laptops ​are available with ​varying display ​options. Most Dell ​laptop screens ​are available at ​$45 to ​$80, while some ​models may ​have high-end displays ​priced at ​$250.

Acer Laptop ​Screen Repair ​Cost:

For Acer ​laptops, screen ​replacements start at ​$50 for ​various models. There ​are options ​available for around ​$100, while ​higher-resolution and larger-sized ​screens can ​cost as much ​as $300.

Samsung Laptop Screen ​Replacement Cost:

​Although Samsung is ​better known ​for other products, ​there is ​still demand for ​specific laptop ​models. Typical LED ​displays for ​Samsung laptops can ​cost between ​$60 and $200.

​Toshiba Laptop ​Screen Replacement Cost:

​Toshiba laptops ​offer a range ​of LCD ​and LED displays, ​varying prices ​from $60 to ​$240.

These ​estimates give you ​a general ​idea of the ​cost of ​repairing screens for ​different laptop ​brands. Remember to ​consider this ​information when making ​decisions about ​repairs or replacement.

​MacBook Screen ​Replacement Cost:

The ​price range ​of repair varies ​depending on ​the model. For ​earlier models, ​​prices start ​from ​$60 and ​​go up ​to ​$100. If ​​you have ​a ​MacBook Air ​​or MacBook ​Pro, ​you can ​​choose between ​standard ​and larger ​​models ranging ​from ​$350 to ​$850. Keep in ​mind that ​new screens will ​be even ​more expensive.

Additionally, ​you may ​need to ask ​if a ​broken laptop screen ​is repairable. ​If you want ​to learn ​more about the ​laptop screen, ​you can read ​more here!

​Used Laptop Screen ​Prices and ​Other Products for ​2023:

You ​can still find ​some affordable ​options for used ​laptop computer ​screens in 2023. ​The prices ​for these screens ​typically range ​from $20 to ​$50. However, ​you should be ​cautious when ​purchasing from specific ​markets that ​offer clone displays, ​as they ​may not provide ​the same ​quality and longevity ​as genuine ​screens.

Summary of ​Laptop Screen ​Repair Costs:

To ​provide you ​with a clear ​understanding of ​the cost factors, ​here is ​a breakdown of ​laptop screen ​repair expenses:

Labor ​Cost: Range ​from $50 to ​$150

DIY ​Cost: Range from ​$80 to ​$200

Laptop Screen ​Repair Cost: ​Range from $150 ​to $300

​Touch Screen Repair ​Cost: Range ​from $350 to ​$400

Average ​Laptop Screen Repair: ​Range from ​$200 to $600

​Different Types ​of Laptop Screen ​Replacement Costs ​in 2023:

The ​cost variation ​of laptop screens ​can be ​credited to ​ the ​availability of ​two types of ​screens in ​the market: LCD ​screens & ​LED screens. Additionally, ​labor costs ​also contribute to ​the overall ​price increase.

The ​following section ​will explore the ​cost differences ​between LCD and ​LED screens ​for laptop replacements ​in 2023.

Screen Type  Range 
LCD Screen Replacement From 40$ to 100$
LED ​Screen Replacement From ​$50 to $200
Average Screen ​Replacement ​From $200 ​to $600

Here’s ​the distinction ​between LCD & ​LED Display ​& Touch Screen ​Repairing:

LCD ​screens are commonly ​used in ​modern devices. The ​average cost ​for LCD screen ​replacement typically ​ranges from $40 ​to $100 ​in recent years. ​However, it ​is important to ​note that ​the cost may ​vary depending ​on the availability ​of the ​screen for your ​specific laptop ​model.

LED screens ​are an ​upgraded version of ​LCD technology, ​offering the latest ​advancements.

In ​2023, the average ​cost for ​LED laptop displays ​will range ​from $50 to ​$200. Please ​note that LED ​screens are ​pricier than their ​LCD counterparts.

​Touch Screen Laptop ​Screen Repair:

​Fixing a touchscreen ​laptop can ​be more expensive ​than non-touchscreen ​laptops due to ​its complexity ​and sensitivity. Prices ​for these ​repairs typically range ​from $350 ​to $400.

It’s ​Worth the ​Cost:

While laptop ​screen replacements ​may seem expensive, ​they are ​much more affordable ​than purchasing ​a brand-new laptop. ​Remember to ​research and compare ​prices to ​find the best ​deal possible. ​If you’re confident ​in your ​repair skills, consider ​doing it ​yourself, but always ​be cautious ​and back up ​your data ​beforehand.

No matter ​how you ​choose to proceed, ​be it ​professional repair or ​DIY, it’s ​crucial to take ​precautionary measures ​and back up ​your data. ​Stay safe, and ​have a ​successful repair experience!

​How To ​Prevent Laptop Screen ​Damage?

It ​is essential to ​follow these ​guidelines to prevent ​laptop screen ​damage. When conversing about “how much it cost to repair a laptop screen.”

Careful handling:

​Always use ​a protective carrying ​case or ​bag while transporting ​your laptop. ​Please exercise caution ​when opening ​and closing the ​laptop, placing ​it on a ​desk or ​lap, and avoiding ​applying excessive ​pressure on the ​screen.

Safely ​cleaning:

Before cleaning, ​make sure ​to unplug and ​turn off ​your laptop. Start ​using a ​dry microfiber towel ​to remove ​any dust from ​the screen. ​It is recommended ​to avoid ​using bleach on ​non-porous surfaces ​like the screen. ​Instead, opt ​for 70% isopropyl ​alcohol, pre-moistened ​alcohol wipes, or ​Clorox Disinfecting ​Wipes.

Adjust screen ​brightness:

Prolonged ​use of maximum ​screen brightness ​may cause wear ​and tear ​on the backlight. ​You’ve to ​adjust the screen ​brightness to ​a level that ​is comfortable ​for you.

Avoid ​extreme temperatures ​and liquids:

Exposure ​to extremely ​high or low ​temperatures could ​damage the screen ​and other ​components of the ​laptop. It ​is important to ​keep your ​laptop in a ​cool, dry ​location. Additionally, if ​you need ​to drink while ​using your ​laptop, use a ​spill-proof water ​bottle and keep ​liquids away ​from the laptop.

​Following these ​guidelines will help ​prevent laptop ​screen damage and ​improve its ​longevity.

Tech fusion Fix ​Can Fix ​Your Laptop

If ​your laptop ​computer screen has ​been damaged, ​don’t worry. There ​is still ​hope. Our repair ​center offers ​professional repair services ​for laptop ​screens at a ​reasonable cost.

The average price ​​for a ​​laptop screen is ​​currently between ​​£60 to £100. ​​Our labor ​​costs for repairing ​​computer displays ​​are typically £48, ​​depending on ​​the complexity of ​​the repair. ​​This labor cost ​​covers finding ​​the perfect replacement ​​screen and ​​installing it.

We ​​have extensive ​​experience in replacing ​​LCDs on ​​various laptop brands, ​​including Acer, ​​Alienware, Asus, Averatec, ​​Compaq, Dell, ​​Everex Fujitsu, Gateway, ​​Gigabyte, HP, ​​Lenovo, MSI, Panasonic, ​​Samsung, Sony, ​​Systemax, Toshiba, and ​many more.

​Our center specializes ​in providing ​the highest quality ​laptop screen ​replacement at a ​fair price. ​Laptop LCD screens ​can break ​easily, even with ​just a ​few pounds of ​pressure, and ​the damage tends ​to spread ​over time, affecting ​the visible ​part of the ​display. We ​also address common ​causes for ​laptop screen replacement.

​Such as ​wear and tear, ​as well ​as manufacturer defects. ​Our expertise ​extends to working ​with older ​CCFL backlit screens, ​newer LED ​backlit screens, and ​even new ​AMOLED screens.

We ​take pride ​in our repair ​process, ensuring ​customer satisfaction. Unlike ​many other ​repair shops, we ​never use ​refurbished, used, or ​inferior-grade parts. ​All our replacement ​screens are ​brand new and ​of the ​same or better ​quality than ​your computer initially ​shipped with.

​Additionally, we perform ​thorough testing ​on each new ​screen to ​meet and exceed ​industry standards, ​guaranteeing proper functionality ​for your ​specific needs. This ​is especially ​crucial for professionals ​such as ​photo and video ​editors, graphics ​designers, gamers, and ​others who ​require a high-quality ​LCD. Our ​services are provided ​at a ​fraction of the ​cost compared ​to most manufacturers ​and other ​repair shops.


Are laptop screens repairable without replacing them?

When ​faced with ​a laptop screen ​issue, it’s ​essential to explore ​all possible ​solutions before considering ​the need ​for a replacement. ​In many ​cases, the problem ​may not ​be related to ​physical damage ​but rather a ​software issue. ​To troubleshoot, try ​removing any ​specific software causing ​the problem ​or restarting the ​laptop.

Another ​common cause of ​screen issues ​is a loose ​connecting cable. ​Taking the time ​to adjust ​the cable often ​resolves the ​problem without a ​complete replacement.

​What are Considerations ​for Repairing ​MacBooks?

When choosing ​between AppleCare ​and third-party repair ​services for ​MacBooks, the decision ​ultimately rests ​on personal preference. ​While AppleCare ​offers certified service, ​it can ​come at a ​higher cost ​than local repairers. ​However, if ​a repairer has ​a reliable ​reputation and positive ​reviews, opting ​for their services ​can be ​a suitable alternative.

​What to ​Expect in Terms ​of Cost ​for Touch Screen ​Laptop Repair?

​It’s worth noting ​that touchscreen ​laptops generally incur ​higher costs ​compared to their ​non-touchscreen counterparts. ​A laptop touchscreen ​can range ​from $80 to ​$150 on ​average. The estimated ​cost typically ​falls within $250 ​to $350 ​if a repair ​is necessary.

​Is it worth ​repairing a ​Laptop Screen?

For ​most laptops ​currently available on ​the market, ​repair is a ​viable option. ​It’s important to ​weigh several ​factors when deciding ​whether to ​repair or replace ​a laptop ​screen. If the ​laptop is ​the latest model, ​investing in ​a new one ​may not ​be practical solely ​due to ​a broken screen. ​However, replacing ​the entire laptop ​may be ​better if the ​laptop model ​needs to be ​updated and ​parts are difficult ​to find.